Edward Granlund

Edward Granlund’s future has been shaped by his effective problem-solving and decision-making skills. Combining his attributes with a passion for technology has led Granlund to Carroll Community College where he is gaining a degree in Cyber Security. Currently, he spends his time focusing on anything from identifying physical errors in PC units to configuring IP routes.
When it comes to problem-solving skills, Granlund’s creative thinking abilities also contribute to his capacity to generate ideas and realize results. Granlund is a gifted flutist lettering in Varsity through his music studies and performances under Prof. Linda Kirkpatrick’s tutelage since 2008. His passion for creativity is also recognized in his talent for language arts. Edward is fluent in Castilian Spanish and has acquired basic Italian and French through travel and study.
In his spare time, Granlund supports several charitable organizations. Granlund has contributed time to Trees for Troops, packing and shipping small Christmas trees to deployed troops. He also served in the Random Acts of Kindness Club. Most recently, Granlund joined Habitat for Humanity and is awaiting his first project.

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